She Wears The Trousers
Printed Matter Trousers have been a major part of women’s liberation: appropriating masculine-coded garments is linked with times of social and political upheaval. She Wears The Trousers is a zine exploring the archival collection of women wearing trousers. Role: Design & Production
The Fossick
Printed Matter, Website, Photography The Fossick is a seasonal journal exploring an alternative food culture. It fosters learning from each other, sharing knowledge and taking care of the commons. The Journal and website educate readers on wild kai in Wellington and provide a guide on how to identify and cook it. Role: Design & Production
The Chair Who Sat on The Man
Printed Matter, Social Media The Chair Who Sat on The Man is a collaborative exhibition presenting work from three young emerging Wellington artists. These artists take a general focus on creating an environmentally sustainable practise through their use of found, foraged and re-used materials. Role: Design & Development
Printed Matter, Website Gallagher’s is an environmentally conscious hair salon, cutting and colouring all types and lengths of hair. The hair salon believes in a fair deal with prices based on time and effort rather than gender. I worked with the team at Gallagher's to create a visual we are both proud of. With a simple, minimal design. Role: Design
South Otago Creative Arts
Photography, Printed Matter I was asked to be a guest exhibitor at the South Otago Creative Arts Society 2019 annual exhibition. I exhibited a series of photographs from the past year. Alongside this, I designed the brochure cover and poster for the event. Role: Exhibitor & Design
Great Greens Mana Wāhine
Printed Matter Produced posters and event banners for their upcoming event Great Greens Mana Wāhine. I Worked collaboratively with the Green party of Wellington Central and the illustrator design a series of posters and banners for the event. Role: Design
Printed Matter Graphic design for Typography book. Inspired by the identification and categorisation of old style botanicals and the type cases. Role: Design & Development
Pop a Dolly
Moving Image, Videography In this project, Tallulah Robertson and I produced, filmed and edited an unconventional product Inspired by the idea of a kickstarter video. Role: Design & Production
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